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Having a good health is very important in one's life as it is difficult to be happy without good health. Engaging in a regular exercise program and having a healthy diet not not enables us to have good health but also provides us other benefits. It helps us to feel better about ourselves and gain a higher self-esteem. Following is a list of articles on fitness and diets. Please click on the article that you would like to read.



Facts and Fictions about Fitness

Here are some fitness facts vs. fiction that you might find interesting. Take this quiz and see how you do.

1. If my muscles aren’t sore the day after a workout, I haven’t pushed myself hard enough. True or False.

FALSE – Forget the idea of “no pain, no gain”. While a little muscle soreness I okay, anything more means you are pushing too hard or too fast, and putting yourself at risk for injuries.

2. Doing sit-ups will help me lose my love handles.

FALSE – There is no such thing as “spot reduction”. You have no control over where you lose weight with exercise or dieting. You can, however, do exercises to tone specific areas of the body. Engage in aerobic activity to lose weight all over. To firm the middle, take a Pilates class.

3. You can be fit and fat.

TRUE – Research shows that overweight people can have good cardiovascular health if they exercise regularly. I recommend being fit and lean.

4. To lose weight more efficiently, you should work out in the fat burning zone.

FALSE – Working out in the fat burning zone is good, but the heart needs a hard interval workout a couple times a week. Ex: run or walk very briskly at 90% of maximum for 4 minutes, then slow it down for 4 minutes, and repeat it 3 more times. Try a Strength and Endurance class or Aqua Tuesday at 8am.

5. Brisk walking is enough to give me the body of an underwear model.

I WISH….FALSE - Walking is good for your health, but you will need to add resistance training to your workout regimen. Even with a good cardio and strength program, though, you may never look like a swimsuit model. Good genes and airbrushing help in this regard but you can slim down and firm up.

This article was provided by Meg Poulson, Certified Group Exercise Instructor and Fitness Manager in Henderson, Nevada.

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